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What is the spelling assistance tool?

The spelling assistance tool is one of the PNP options available in the Assessment Management System for students who meet eligibility criteria for spelling assistance. This embedded support is only available on the written composition portion of STAAR grades 4 and 7 writing, English I, and English II. Spelling assistance will only appear as an option in sections of the test for which it is allowed if it has been activated in the Assessment Management System.

Although this tool is available for students who meet eligibility criteria for the designated support of spelling assistance, it should only be provided to students who use this type of assistance during classroom instruction and testing. For instance, if an eligible student uses a frequently misspelled word list in the classroom, then the PNP option for spelling assistance would not be activated. It is important to note that students may use any allowable examples or types of spelling assistance listed in the designated support policy document in lieu of or in addition to this online embedded support.

If using the spelling assistance tool, the student should be provided opportunities to complete the STAAR online tutorial, as well as the practice mini-test, prior to test administration. These resources allow students to become familiar with the functionality of the spelling assistance tool and online tests. The tutorial and practice tests are available in the STAAR Online Testing Platform, which operates through a secure browser that must be installed on a desktop or tablet. More information is available at the following link: STAAR Online Testing Platform.

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