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What are locally-approved designated supports?

Locally-approved designated supports include accommodations that may be made available to
students who meet eligibility criteria. The decision to use a designated support during a state
assessment should be made on an individual student basis and take into consideration the needs
of the student and whether the student routinely receives the support during classroom instruction
and classroom testing. The appropriate team of people at the campus level determines eligibility
as indicated in each policy document. The twelve locally-approved designated supports available
for state assessments are

  • Basic Transcribing
  • Braille
  • Calculation Aids
  • Content and Language Supports
  • Extra Time
  • Individualized Structured Reminders
  • Large Print
  • Manipulating Test Materials
  • Mathematics Manipulatives
  • Oral/Signed Administration
  • Spelling Assistance
  • Supplemental Aids
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