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Can a student use more than one substitute assessment to fulfill their graduation requirements?

Yes. A student can use a qualifying score on a substitute assessment to satisfy his or her testing
requirement for an EOC assessment as indicated in each cell in the substitute assessment chart.
For example, a student could use a qualifying score on SAT mathematics to substitute for STAAR
Algebra I and a qualifying score on SAT reading and writing to substitute for either STAAR English
I or STAAR English II, but not both. The only time a student can use a single score on a substitute
assessment to meet the testing requirement for more than one EOC assessment is when a
student has taken the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment at the end of a college
preparatory class. If the student meets the qualifying score for reading and writing, he or she can
use that score to substitute for both STAAR English I and English II. See TAC §101.4002(d)(1).

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