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How many testing opportunities do students have to pass the STAAR EOC assessments?

All five STAAR EOC assessments required for graduation—Algebra I, English I, English II,
Biology, and U.S. History—are administered at the end of the first semester (fall), at the end of the
second semester (spring), and in the summer, giving students three testing opportunities each
year. The number of testing opportunities students have prior to high school graduation is
dependent on when students take the corresponding course. For example, most students take
biology during their freshman year. That means students have ten testing opportunities before
they are scheduled to graduate. In contrast, most students take U.S. history during their junior
year, giving them four testing opportunities prior to high school graduation. Students who do not
pass one or more of the required assessments before their scheduled graduation may continue to
test during any administration. The specific testing dates each year can be found on the student
assessment testing calendar at http://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/calendars/.


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