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When should students take a STAAR EOC assessment?

Students should take a STAAR EOC assessment during the spring, summer, or fall administration,
as close as possible to the completion of the corresponding course. Most students will have
received instruction in an entire course or a significant portion of the course by the spring testing
date or by the end of the school year, so they would participate in the spring administration.
However, if by the end of the school year students have received instruction in only part of the
course (e.g., the first half or the second half), then they would take the STAAR EOC assessment
in whichever subsequent administration is closest to the time they are completing the course.

For students who are taking courses outside of the typical semester sequence, districts should
carefully evaluate the timing of the course instruction as it relates to the STAAR EOC assessment
schedule to ensure that students are provided the best opportunity to demonstrate their
understanding of the course content. For example, because the spring administration of STAAR
English I and English II typically occurs a month earlier than the administration of the other EOC
assessments, districts should evaluate the extent to which students taking English I or English II in
an accelerated block of instruction during the spring are able to complete their testing
requirements. Students who do not participate in the spring STAAR administration may not be
able or willing to return to school in June to take the assessments and will not have another
opportunity to test until December of the following school year, months after they have completed
the course.

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