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What are the testing requirements for students in grades 3–8 who are receiving instruction in subjects above their enrolled grade?

These students should take STAAR assessments for the subjects in which they are receiving
instruction if an assessment exists. For example, a student in grade 7 who is receiving instruction
in grade 8 science would take the STAAR grade 8 science assessment and the STAAR grade 7
mathematics, reading, and writing assessments.

For students who are receiving accelerated instruction across multiple grade levels, districts
should carefully evaluate the content of the instruction as it relates to the STAAR grade-level
assessments to ensure that students are provided the best opportunity to demonstrate their
understanding of the grade-level content. For example, if students are receiving instruction in all
grades 6 and some grade 7 mathematics curriculum during a school year, the students should be
administered the STAAR grade 6 mathematics assessment. It would not be appropriate to
administer the grade 7 assessment to these students since they have not been given the
opportunity to learn all the grade 7 mathematics curriculum.

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